It’s the softest box top ever created. Hands down.
Everyone knows when you look better, you feel better. If you’re like us, you probably don't have time to plan an extravagant outfit in the morning complete with accessories and matching purses. Lucky for you, we have a cure for those days where “you have nothing to wear.” Bring in the versatile, durable and, dare we say, trendy, Heavyweight Box. Wear it with jeans, a skirt or patterned pants. However you style it, it’s a GETTEES tee so you know it will be comfortable.
Heavyweight Supima Cotton
Supima Cotton is our key to that I’ve-just-been-hugged feeling you get every time you put on a GETTEES tee. Supima Cotton, knit with extra long fibers, allows for the material to resist against stretching and hold onto color so you can wash and wear without any tear. Not to mention, its heavyweight quality ensures your tee is never see-through, bra bulges are minimized and you stay covered as you move. Supima noticeably feels the same way after the 100th wash as it does the first time you wore it.
Fitted Neckline
By adding 2% Lycra in the knit of our collars, the Heavyweight Box tee is more durable and comfortable than most. The ribbed collar brings a contrasting texture to the smoothness of the Supima, accentuating the classic men’s crew tee neckline for a masculine take on a women’s cut. The elasticity in the collar lets you change your mind about your outfit, take your shirt on and off as many times as it takes, without stretching out.
Reinforced Seams
A reinforced seam is a second stitch run over the initial serge to lock in the seam. This way, rather than a thread coming loose and the whole seam unraveling, our tees hold their shape and strength. A second seam costs more and takes more time, but unlike many clothing brands, we take the extra step because it’s a small task to us if it means no irritating seams and results in a shirt that will last.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
Flat Seam Sides
Comfort is a top priority and so is fit. These seams make sure the sides of the shirt are lay flat against your body, flattering any shape with seams you never feel from the inside. We want you to have a shirt you know you’ll feel confident in every time you put it on.
Stop by our office and there’s a 90% chance the ladies are wearing the Heavyweight Box. The box-cut is the perfect middle ground between our original Heavyweight Crew and the Women's Heavyweight Crop. Style it with joggers, dress pants, jeans, leggings, skorts, kilts, gauchos, whatever you want. The box top is casual(ly awesome) and is a versatile starting point to for any outfit.
Never See-Through
Black bra under your white shirt? Oh yes, we made it possible (and we made it in Michigan).
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