The details make the shirt, the shirt makes the man.
We get it, not all of you are into V-necks. The days of extreme, deep plunging V-necks turned some of you into V-neck haters. That’s why we wanted to design a V-neck that offers men the chance to be comfortable and stylish without feeling overexposed. Switch it up from your day to day crew-neck shirt. Each detail of the Heavyweight V was calculated to look refined, sophisticated and sleek: just the type of shirt you can wear under a suit coat on Monday and again with jeans on casual Friday.
Keep reading and find out if our Heavyweight V is a fit for you.
Anything made with quality starts with a solid main ingredient. For us, it’s our 100% Heavyweight Supima Cotton. Supima Cotton represents less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world, and we source it right here in the United States. Supima Cotton fabric has the unique ability to preserve color and softness, so it feels like a new T-shirt every time you put it on.
The V makes the V-neck, if you know what we mean. The neckline can be a bit of a Goldilocks situation: Too short, too deep, toooo deep, too loose, too tight. But we like to think we got it just right. Our neckline is designed to be fitted yet breathable, relaxed yet refined, and casual yet comfortable. And with 2% lycra in the collar for added elasticity, the neckline won’t stretch out, staying flat on your neck.
While flimsy, thin, cheap shirts seem to dominate retail these days, we believe in building shirts that will last so you get the most bang for your buck. We use reinforced seams (a second stitch that’s run over the initial serge to lock in the seam and double its strength) throughout the shirt for an extra level of security. Reinforced seams around the collar along with seam tape across the back of the neck and shoulders lets you pull the shirt on as often as you’d like without stretching it. Our V-necks are a work of art, but they’re certainly not fragile.
Flat seams are typically used in athletic wear because of their ability to stretch with your movement while remaining flat against your skin. We used these seams down the length of the sides of the shirt to minimize twisting and torquing of the fabric. Flat seams also mean you don’t get annoying, unflattering bumps in the fabric. It may sound like a tiny detail, but you don’t know how big of a difference something will make until you try it, right?
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
Calculated construction led us to our signature tailored sides. Rather than hanging straight down like an ill-fitting box, tailored sides instantly bring sophistication to our shirts, taking it steps up from your basic tees. All bodies are different, but this design is just enough to flatter any body shape. We’re all about looking put together, while staying comfortable and feeling like you’re wrapped in American-made luxury.
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