What happens when the Motor City decides to build t-shirts?
The Model Tee is the foundation of GETTEES. With the attention to detail and the engineering that went into this tee, it’s no surprise it’s made in the Motor City. No one wants to have to buy a basic white shirt 20 times because of holes that appear along the seams or softness that disappears after the first wash. So, we challenge you to raise your standards for the basics in your wardrobe.
After launching our Michigan factory in 2014, we made the Pinstripe SS to exemplify the quality and attention to detail we’re afforded by operating our own factory. We spared no expense when producing the highest quality, American-Made t-shirt possible, thoughtfully designed with premium fabric and unrivaled details. The Pinstripe SS is our way of challenging the current standards of the garment industry by bringing a luxury t-shirt to the everyday American consumer.
The Pinstripe SS can elevate your everyday t-shirt and jeans or be dressed up with a sports jacket. Keep reading to find out exactly what sets a GETTEES tee apart...
We built our tees for both maximum comfort and durability. Most brands use seam tape just along the shoulders but we also added seam tape down the tailored sides of the shirt. This additional step means the side seams stay flat resulting in a more flattering fit, while maintaining maximum comfort and durability.
A reinforced seam is a second stitch that is run over the initial serge, locking in the seam. This way, rather than a thread coming loose and the whole seam unraveling, our tees hold their shape and strength. The reinforced seams offer the most benefit to your wallet by ensuring the longevity of your tee, so go ahead, tug on it all you want.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
While all of our tees are tagless, the Pinstripe SS bears a unique Americana pinstripe pattern on the neck label. These symbolic stripes offer a unique canvas for us to proudly display our “Made in Michigan” tag and take pride in American manufacturing.
Unique to the Pinstripe SS, we use a blend of Supima cotton and lycra to create a flexible and fitted lining on the sleeve cuff. This feature gives the cuff elasticity and durability and keeps the sleeve end from getting stretched out as you repeatedly put on and take off your shirt over time. Sleeve cuffs on tee shirts may not seem like a big whoop, but trust us, when sleeve cuffs stay fitted, your tee instantly looks more sophisticated.
The head hole is a very underappreciated part of the shirt. We use a special rib knit blend of 98% Supima cotton and 2% Lycra for added elasticity in the collar. This way, we can create a more fitted neckline that maintains its size and shape even after being stretched over your head and onto hangers.
Our 100% Supima cotton fabric contains fibers that are especially long and tight making it a luxury cotton, typically only used by luxury brands. The tighter knit makes the fabric heavier and softer than traditional cotton blends, eliminating the need for an undershirt and increasing the durability of the shirt. The fabric maintains its softness even after the 100th wash, so go ahead, where it every single day.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
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GETTEES St. Patrick’s Day Tailgate at Michigan State University

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