We combined sporty and sleek for a more polished look than a traditional crew-neck sweatshirt. Inspired by Detroit’s professional sports, the GETTEES team designed and redesigned until we found the perfect balance between comfort and style featuring sportswear inspired details.
Flex-Terry fabric is a GETTES custom blend, made with French Terry with Supima cotton and lycra, resulting in a medium weight fabric that’s soft and slightly stretchy with a suede finish. Rather than live in your “never-leaves-the-house” wardrobe, we think sweatshirts can be luxurious too and should be designed to be warn any way you please.
The fitted neckline will be your best friend this winter. Aside from keeping you warm, the fitted collar gives the crew a slightly masculine yet put-together look, taking your crew out of the lazy-day, only-wear-at-home pile, and into your everyday rotation. With added Lycra in the collar, rather than stretching out, the neckline stays fitted and neat throughout your day.
We pride ourselves on the everlastingness of our products. It’s an extra and costly step most companies won’t take but we know it’s worth it, and in the long run, means less waste and saves you money over time. Reinforced seams give you endless wear opportunities with no threat of tearing.
You know that hefty, thick seam that typically runs down your sweatshirt? The one you can feel brushing along your sides? We don’t like feeling that. Instead, running down along the ribbed side panels of the District Crew, we used flat side seams. They’re a type of seam typically used in athletic wear for their ability to stretch as you move while staying flat against your skin with a barely-there feeling. No uncomfortable, itchy sides means you’ll want to wear this crew with nothing underneath it. We support you.
The District Crew’s ribbed bottom was designed to be wider than traditional crew sweatshirts so as not to squeeze at the widest part of a woman’s body, the hips. Cut for a more functional and comfortable fit, the sweatshirt also rides up less when you move your arms overhead. The crew also features a straight side cut and raglan style sleeves for a universal fit and flattering shape and is designed to hit at the top of the hips.
The design of the District Crew collection was heavily influenced by Detroit’s booming neighborhood, The District Detroit. We took inspiration from the athletic atmosphere downtown for the ribbed side detail. This seemingly small detail goes a long way in elevating the style of your classic crew for a new, sophisticated look. The same lycra and cotton blend ribbed material is used on the cuffs and the bottom of the sweatshirt. With lycra in the cuffs, the added stretch means you can roll up your sleeves and they’ll stay put.