Behind The Scenes: Men's V-Necks and More
Location photoshoots are one of the team’s favorite things to do. With the build up of the release of the men’s v-necks, we’ve all been anxiously awaiting our next journey out and around Detroit. These shoots take quite a bit of preparation in order to make the photography and editing process go smoothly and we want you to give you a behind the scenes look at our process.
Planning a photoshoot is always important. While, inevitably, things will come up, we like to make sure we are prepared for almost every possibility. A few weeks out, we begin developing the concept and scouting locations for the shoot. (Scouting days are always good days, the boss buys lunch!) Depending on the products and concept for the shoot, we choose multiple locations as well as formulate a backup plan in case Mother Nature decides to play against us.
Models come next. We choose models we have a good time with that fit the theme of the shoot. We want GETTEES to be a brand for everyone, so to this day, all of our models have been our friends rather than professionals. Once we’ve secured our models, we create a list of product we need and want to shoot. First, we select the colors each model will be wearing and work out a schedule to make sure the shoot flows and allows each person time to change. We have always made it a priority to make our models feel like they’re a part of the team so we wrap up every shoot with a lunch or dinner.
Shooting is the best part of the process. Photoshoots get chaotic since everyone is trying to do 5 jobs at once. Emily, our Creative Director at Gettees is a double weapon with a Canon. She’s also a photographer so she’s the lead behind the camera. The interns rotate between second shooting (getting alternate angles of Emily) and shooting extra footage and images of behind the scenes content to share. Whoever is free takes on the duties of getting models changed on time and keeping track of the schedule, as well as helping with lighting and anything we need to get the shot.
Editing after a photoshoot has both it’s pros and cons. Pro’s: you get to see all the amazing photos come together. Cons: endless hours staring at a computer screen (and lots of bottles of Motrin for the screen headache). Yet, it’s always worth the outcome. We wish it was as simple as slapping a filter on it and calling it a day but if you know GETTEES, you know we don’t do things halfway, it’s all about quality. We start by culling through the photos, which means selecting the images we like. Next begins the editing.
Our philosophy is simple: enhance but always keep it real. Compared to most retail companies, we do very minimal editing. We remove major skin blemishes and flyaways- things our models ask us to remove - but we never alter face shapes, body shapes, etc. We don’t remove wrinkles and we don’t eliminate every imperfect hair because, let’s face it, none of us are perfect and we’re cool with that. We remove distracting elements or extras in the environment (think ugly trash cans, pipes and outlets) that take away from our story but that’s it. The final stage is the best stage - adding the GETTEES’ filter to give the image our own recognizable touch.
After deciding on a launch date of the Men’s Heavyweight V, we enlisted 4 of Emily’s friends - Stephen, Webber, Lisa, and Kathryn - to model and scheduled a photoshoot. Fortunately, that morning’s rain stopped just in time for our 9 am call time. We started our shoot on Guoin Street and River Place Drive in Rivertown, taking advantage of the damp brick walls of the warehouses as our backdrop. Throughout the day, while Emily was shooting stills of the models, Ryann was getting behind the scenes shots and taking videos of the models. While Webber and Steve stayed warm in the 58-degree dreary weather in prototypes for a new hoodie (coming soon!), the girls grew envious of their time modeling the Pinstripe Long-Sleeve.
On our way to the next location, we passed by an abandoned factory and decided to add an impromptu location to the shoot, taking advantage of the graffiti-covered building as a unique backdrop and a reason to explore a new location. After a quick outfit change, we started shooting in and around the building. At one point, Emily was shooting Webber outside the old garage door, when out of nowhere, Steve and Ryann came running out of the building after hearing someone cough inside. Turns out we had company...
Lastly, after one final outfit change, we made our way to the Eastern Market to shoot around the sheds and murals before reaching our 12 pm end time. And in GETTEES tradition, we finished the shoot by treating everyone to a nice cold one and some delicious tacos from Brujos Tacos & Tapas at the Detroit Shipping Co. before calling it a day.
*Are you interested in modeling for GETTEES? We’re always looking for fresh faces in the Detroit area. The best part? No experience necessary. Email us at or follow us and DM us on Instagram @gettees_us. We’d love to chat!

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