Summer 2019
Corktown Shoot
Summer 2019 Corktown Shoot
Location: Corktown, Detroit
Date: July 10, 2019
Time: 8 am - 11:30 am
Meals: DIB bagels with coffee
Crew Members: 6
Models: 7
Go behind the scenes of our Summer 2019 photo and video shoot in Corktown, and get a first-hand look at our adventures throughout the day.
There’s nothing more on-brand for us than wandering through the streets of the oldest neighborhood in Detroit with a handful of models (aka our friends), collecting content for our website and social media. Toss in some coffee, bagels and a brick wall that we couldn’t stop posing in front of, and you’ve got our Summer 2019 Corktown Shoot.
Our plan for the day was to shoot both video and photo content to be used integratively throughout our digital presence moving forward — take a look at some of the banner videos featured on our site right now, and you’ll see our work come to life. We all met at team member Nico’s house at 8 a.m., equipped with racks of GETTEES apparel and a van that doubled as a mobile changing room for the models. Even in the tender hours of the morning, the sun welcomed us with an initial temperature of 86 degrees that climbed steadily by the hour.
Nico (GETTEES Film & Content Creator) and Jordan (DP) getting ready to grab some content.
Arjun bringing an edgy twist to our classic white tee.
Luckily for us, Corktown’s historic environment and abundance of unique houses did most of the background work for us. We started by having the models take a few strolls down a sidestreet while Jordan, our DP, captured the details on video. After each model had finished their video portion, Emily (our Creative Director slash photographer) grabbed shots of them hanging out in the streets and walking throughout the neighborhood. During their free time, some of the models took a few group-style shots that turned out better than any of us had expected and thanks to Emily, we also managed to snag some off-duty shots of mulberry-eating and eyebrow-brushing. We wanted to create a content mix that included both wide-shot video and photos, as well as closer details showing off the seams and cuts of our products. We ended up with some great shots for our product pages, and more lighthearted candid scenes for our Facebook and Instagram feeds. We pride ourselves on using our platform to be as outwardly transparent as possible, and sometimes that means doing a few #squadgoals shots of our models all rocking the same Cherry fabric.
Grace explaining to Bekim the importance of brushing your eyebrows, while Arjun observed and enjoyed a bagel.
Mitchell, Carlissa, Bekim and myself trying a little too hard to be #candid in our matching Cherry gear.
By around 10:30, the July heat had made its presence fully known, and we began a contest of “which model can jump into the van and change into their next outfit in the shortest amount of time.” Our plan was to wrap up the shoot by the early afternoon, and with the motivation of soon getting back into our air conditioned cars, we were able to grab all of our content by 11:30 a.m. We successfully made the most of our time with our models and crew, and collected awesome footage and imagery that you’ll be seeing pop up all over the GETTEES site and social media over the next few months. Keep an eye out!
Ryann, showing exactly how much we loved this brick wall. Look at those colors!
Grace Guibord
Carlissa Perry
Bekim Cara
Arjun Vashi
Ryann Kearney
Kelsey George
Mitchell Pardo
Team & Crew
Jordan Payne - DP
Mat Hunt - GETTEES founder
Erion Lulashi - GETTEES COO
Emily Dahuron - GETTEES Creative Director
Nico Poalilo - GETTEES Film & Content Creator
Ryann Kearney - GETTEES Creative Designer
Kelsey George - GETTEES PR & Social Media Manager
Former Co. - Film Coloring
Social Media / PR Manager
Kelsey George
Alyssa Space

Alyssa Space

Alyssa Space, a native of Detroit, a chemist and the founder and owner of For Her Cosmetics, develops all-natural lipsticks and more in her own lab.

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