Behind The Scenes: Women's Photoshoot In Detroit
Behind the Scenes
Women’s Photoshoot
Downtown Detroit
Raw Photos Taken
Lead Photographer
Emily Dahuron
Second Photographer
Xaw Yang
Ryann Kearney
This post means one thing…
After weeks of sizing trials and errors, the team perfected the women's first heavyweight tee, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it. For the first ever women's photoshoot, we chose Downtown detroit as our backdrop and set our hopes high (spoiler: our hopes were fulfilled, the pictures are great).
A GETTEES photoshoot isn’t a major production in the way you may imagine a typical photoshoot for a fashion brand. We don’t want it to be. GETTEES is for any and everyone and that’s what we want our photos to convey. There’s no heavy makeup and no hair stylist - just our beautiful, natural models, who happen to be some of our closest friends or literal strangers we’ve reached out to*. Why? Because we get to give new experiences to the people around us. Every model becomes a part of the team, and every model is just as passionate about the GETTEES story as we are.
We start with a list of locations we intend to hit and a plan for which of our models will wear what. Then we start walking. When we started this shoot, it was noon, so we leveraged the crowds of lunch-goers as extras, and began the day at Campus Martius. Next, we visited the ever-famous Joe Louis Fist before walking to the Renaissance Center to utilize the unique architecture. For the last and favorite stop, we took over The Belt for a colorful and contemporary scene. Next, everyone checked their fitbits and apple watches to see how many steps we had after walking around all day.
*Are you interested in modeling for GETTEES? We’re always looking for fresh faces in the Detroit area. The best part? No experience necessary. Email us at or follow us and DM us on Instagram @gettees_us. We’d love to chat!

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