Where you get your coffee in the morning (or mid afternoon, or late evening) is one of the most important parts of a college student’s routine.
Whether you just pulled an all-nighter, need something to get you through that three hour lecture, or just need a pick me up after a not so great day, you want a place that will get you what you need and do it right (especially if you’re high maintenance like me and exclusively decaf and dairy-free). Keep reading to see what I think the best spots on Wayne State University’s campus are and why!
Student Center
Okay, so I know starting out with Starbucks is a bold choice. It’s expensive and basic and the lines are notoriously long, but hear me out. The Starbucks in the student center is ideal for a quick cup between classes. It has the most central location and is surrounded by plenty of other food options if you are the kind of person who can’t tolerate coffee on an empty stomach. They are also open later than most options. Bonus: you can earn Starbucks rewards here (hello, gold status)!

America runs on Dunkin’ and so do WSU students. This one is a little out of the way unless your classes are in Manoogian Hall, but the lines are typically pretty short and the service is fast and friendly. Plus, a latte here will save you about a dollar compared to Starbucks. They don’t participate in rewards, but they have my heart and favorite decaf iced latte with almond milk.

This one is not quite as accessible as Starbucks either, but it is right across from Old Main. It is the cheapest option, but honestly isn’t significantly less than Dunkin’. If you have a sweet tooth though, Timmy hoho’s is your place. A 10 count box of TimBits is dangerously affordable, and you might start going just so you can call it Timmy Hoho’s.

The Grind: Located in the back of the UG library, this one is a quick spot to grab a regular Starbucks coffee. They have the flavored individual creamers, but they don’t open until noon.
Einstein Bros: Not a designated coffee place, but has good combo deals (who doesn’t like bagels) and serves Caribou coffee if that’s your thing.
Starbucks - Anthony Wayne: Also accepts Starbucks rewards. Has a more chill atmosphere and outdoor seating.

RaeAnne Woodman
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