GETTEES, DIY Halloween Style
We’re ready to kick off the holiday season with one of our favorite holidays, Halloween. Along with all the great decorations, haunted houses, trick or treating, oh, and normal day to day life and responsibilities, finding a costume can be stressful and expensive. And if you’re anything like us, time got away from you, Halloween is a few days (or hours) away and you’re still in need of a costume. We decided to get a little creative and help you out with this annual decision. Starting with just a GETTEES tee, we came up with 6 costumes that’ll take you from costume-less to contest-winning costume (100% not guaranteed) in no time on little dime.
The Costume For The
All you need: a hat and a tee. You don’t even need to buy the hat, just use an old one and a sharpie and you’re already giving Martha Stewart a run for her money.
Tommy Pickles
Does this guy look familiar? Make a quick run to a store near you for some adult diapers (and accessories if DIY isn’t your jam). Or if time is of the essence, take a trip to your room and grab a white sheet. Add an Atlantic GETTEES tee, and you’ll be a Rugrat made in America. For a giant safety pin, try shaping a wire hanger and covering it with tin foil.
Good Old Abe
We had to. Why wouldn’t you want to be one of America’s greatest Icons on this holiday?
A Blessing in Disguise
Don’t be surprised when you see half of the GETTEES team this year rockin’ this costume. Grab a GETTEES tee, a fake mustache, sunglasses (whatever you have lying around), a sharpie, and you have a (self-proclaimed) award-winning costume for practically nothing at all.
Minimal credit card swiping for this samurai. A stealthy fighter like this doesn’t need too many tools on their belt, just a Lincoln GETTEES tee, and her mask. All you need is strips of fabric (precision not necessary) to wrap around your arms and legs and a mask. If you feel like really doing it up, add a sword or any other accessories.
Nicki Minaj
If you’re going a little more glam with it this year, find that hot pink wig that’s been hiding since Halloween 2003 and give it life again. Keep it minimal or add accessories for some attitude.

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