Meet the Model: Webber
Webber Snow
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Windsor, Ontario
St. Clair College
#5. The Nicest Guy We Know, Ehh?
Our products are designed and manufactured by the people, for the people and that doesn't end with knowing where your clothes come from and the people who make them. We’re bringing luxury quality clothing to the everyday American and that means real people and real stories. To this day, all of our models have been our friends rather than professionals and we want you to get to know them.
Our next friend and model we’re introducing you to as part of our #MeetTheModel blog series is Webber! What John Snow is to Game of Thrones, Webber Snow is to GETTEES. (Alright, I’ve actually never seen Game of Thrones, but with the same last name, I had to, sorry). I guess you’ll just have to keep reading and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, please get in touch and let me know if there’s any truth to the comparison!
Who do you know at GETTEES and how did you meet?
Emily, we go way back! We met through mutual friends back in college and have stayed in touch since. Now that we’re just a quick hop over the Canada-Detroit border, I see her more often and am able to be more involved with GETTEES which has been really fun and a new experience.
What do you do full time?
I’m a carpenter in Windsor and work full-time for a contracting company to build houses in the Windsor area. On the side, I do some smaller-scale projects remodeling homes or helping with home improvement.
In 10 years, where do you hope to be?
Family is really important to me and even though I’m young, I’m eager to start a family and have always been looking forward to becoming a dad. I spent my entire childhood and still play baseball to this day so in 10 years, I hope to be head coach of my future son’s baseball team.
Do you spend time in Detroit? If so, what are some of your favorite things to do and places to go?
Yes. I go to Tiger’s baseball games every chance I get and often cross over the border to go to small bars with friends or for concerts.
What made you want to model for GETTEES?
They’re the best, what else do you need to know?
Describe your style.
Athletic-wear for everyday and I’m always casual for going out. At the end of the day, I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy.
What is your favorite GETTEES piece so far?
My Cardinal heavyweight Crew. It’s so comfortable and red is one of my favorite colors.
Favorite TV show?
I don’t have time for TV.
Favorite Workout?
Out working. As a carpenter, I get a workout all day long on the job.
Favorite food?
Is there a “select all” option? I’m a foodie. I can’t choose one favorite.
What do you like to do in your free time?
Baseball. 100%.
If you could hop on a plane today, where would you go?
What would you do with a million dollars right now?
I would build my future house exactly the way I want it and then I’d also build a cottage up north for my extended family.
Any current obsessions?
Hats. Baseball hats. I kind of collect them and I wear them all the time. I actually feel really weird if I don’t have a hat on.
What’s something people might be surprised to learn about you?
I bowl and am part of a league in Windsor that I travel with every once in a while for bowling games. I’ve bowled a perfect game...3 times.
Follow along and get social with Webber @webber.snow.
*Are you interested in modeling for GETTEES? We’re always looking for fresh faces in the Detroit area. The best part? No experience necessary. Email us at or follow us and DM us on Instagram @gettees_us. We’d love to chat!

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