By the People: The Faces Behind the Brand

By the People, For the People. Our tagline says it all. People are at the heart of what we do and we know that without a team of people that are passionate about what they’re building, none of this would be possible. We pride ourselves on owning and operating our own factory and as we’ve said since the beginning, we vow to be honest about every aspect of our business. That means, we can introduce you to everyone on the team so you know exactly where your clothes come from. Whether it’s sewing, accounting or marketing, here are the faces behind the GETTEES brand.


Lead Sewer

Jackie heads up our mighty sewing team. Previously an automotive sewer and a self-proclaimed sewing hobbyist, it’s safe to say she’s an expert in every step of the sewing process and we’re lucky to have her. In addition to overseeing the sewing line, Jackie can sit down and train anyone on each of the sewing machines and processes and has trained several of our team members.


Fun Fact: Our “mom” of the factory, she’s always smiling and when she’s not with us, she’s making clothes for her 7 children and 10 grandchildren.



Gina is an expert sewer and also came to our team from the automotive industry. Trained by Jackie, Gina is a master sewer and says her favorite machine is the serger. She’s probably the hardest working person we know and when she’s not sewing with us, she continues to sew at home, making everything from a prom dress for her daughter to altering wedding dresses for customers.


Fun Fact: Has a background in tailoring and continues to work in alterations on the side.



Lan has been sewing for years and brings unparalleled attention to detail to her craft and is one of our fastest sewers. As our master cover stitcher and an all-around expert sewer, she’s a key player in the efficiency of our production line.


Fun Fact: Uses a lot of our scrap fabric to make patchwork blankets and always uses her breaks to craft!



Before coming to GETTEES, Lauren sewed clothing and costumes at home which sparked her interest in sewing at a larger production level. Soon after being trained by Jackie on our sewing processes Lauren showed interest in other sides of production. Now, as a trained cutter, sewer, and labeler, Lauren is our swiss army knife of sewers and works in several areas of production.


Fun Fact: Always has the best color hair in the group.



Dianna was our first sewer to be trained by Jackie and came to GETTEES after working for a sewing factory in Hawaii. Why she gave up the sun for our Michigan winters, we wonder, but we’re glad to have her as part of the family. Every once in a while, you can catch her cracking jokes and making fun of Erion and Mat (to the rest of our great amusement).


Fun Fact: Loves working on puzzles during her breaks at the factory!



Metro Detroit native, Mat founded GETTEES as he was graduating from Michigan State University and has since been building the infrastructure for the factory and production operations while juggling the day to day business. Pulled in every direction, when Mat’s not in the factory, one minute he may be doing some accounting while the next he’s coding for the website or drafting an email blast. And when he’s not doing any of that, he’s probably going off on a tangent about his concept for an HBO series or listening to the podcast, How I Built This.


Fun Fact: Favorite album is Rumors by Fleetwood Mac



Mat and Erion have been friends since middle school and when it came time, Mat tapped Erion to help him build the GETTEES factory. If it weren’t for Erion, our factory probably wouldn’t be up and running every day. Erion oversees the day to day operations of the factory, deals with suppliers and is our in-house mechanic. He has a hand in the entire production process from cutting and sewing to labeling, packaging, and shipping. We’re pretty sure he knows more about sewing machines (and can fix just about any machine) than anyone in the state of Michigan.


Fun Fact: Eats a grilled cheese made by his mother every day for lunch. (Must be nice to a live 1 mile from the factory…)



Emily teamed up with Mat and Erion to help lay the foundation for the GETTEES brand and grow the company. With a background in art and marketing, she oversees the content creation and imagery while working with the interns to develop the visual identity of the brand. Emily also works to establish brand and business partnerships and manages the college brand ambassador program. And when she’s not doing any of those things, she’s forcing the team to get out of the office and discover Detroit.


Fun Fact: Was a competitive figure skater all through college at the University of Michigan.


Design Intern

While studying Advertising at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Ryann is one of our design interns and helps create content and share our story online. She contributes her creative eye and skills to everything from photo shoots to writing copy and designing graphics. As the youngest member of the team, we turn to Ryann for insight into her generation and the latest social and cultural trends. And comfortable in front of the camera, Ryann has modeled for us since the beginning.


Fun Fact: Ryann grew up playing hockey and is a die-hard Post Malone fan.


Design Intern

Also an advertising student at the College for Creative Studies, Xaw keeps us on our toes as the in-house class clown and a budding designer and cameraman. Xaw helps in web design, creating email blasts, photography, and videography and keeps our office bright with his constant smile and love of neon colors.


Fun Fact: Eats Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with chopsticks on the regular.

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