10 College Budget
Gift Ideas
Living on a College Budget? Don’t know what to get your family for Christmas? Looking for a last-minute gift? Here are 10 ideas.
The holidays are hard – especially when you’re living on a college budget. We all want to find meaningful and personal gifts for our family and friends but sometimes we don’t even know where to begin. This guide has 10 different items perfect for any family member, friend or significant other, each of which show thought and meaning put into buying them. The best part? All of them are under $50!
One of the absolute BEST things about GETTEES is how reasonably priced their products are. Every item is made of heavyweight, durable, and incredibly comfortable material (100% American-made!) that is flattering for every age and body shape and designed to last a lifetime. Whether you’re buying a shirt for your grandpa, grandma, boyfriend or girlfriend – you can’t go wrong with any GETTEES item. Every Model Tee – for men and women are priced below $40. As a gift that keeps on giving, they’ll be hooked on GETTEES forever!
One of my absolute favorite gifts to receive is a picture frame with a personal photo inside with my friends and family. This is also one of the best gifts to give. No one wants to take the time to pick out pictures, get them developed or printed and buy a frame all for themselves. It’s personal and sweet when someone frames one of their favorite moments together and gifts it. It is something that your family member or friend will cherish forever. Also, a huge plus – depending on the frame and the size of the photo this can easily be below $20!
I know candles aren’t for everyone. Personally, my Dad hates the smell of anything scented. But so many people do love candles – such as my mom, sister, friends and boyfriend. Along with the picture frames, candles can be an annoying thing to pick out on your own and sometimes feel like a useless expense. But when you gift a candle, that person will think of you every time they light it and this way they can enjoy the scent you give them instead of having to decide between 50 different scents themselves. Depending how nice of a candle you buy, this will be below $30!
Almost every person I know is a music lover – so who wouldn’t want a speaker they can talk to?! Not only does the Amazon Echo Dot play music but you can also call people from it and ask for news and information. Every family member or friend will love talking to this device. You might get a little annoyed – so be aware of what you’re getting yourself into! This amazing gift is only $35.
Everyone loves Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and every other streaming site. There is truly a different streaming site for every person. So why not get someone a 3-month subscription to a site? Over the holidays, this makes for a perfectly timed gift as families and friends can watch every holiday show and movie together during their time off. The best part about this gift is it can range from $25 - $50 depending on how much you want to put on the gift card for these sites. They might even let you use their account!
BOARD GAME OR CARD GAME (what do you meme)
Who doesn’t love a good board game or card game? It lets you laugh with your friends and family while everyone is off their phones! My grandparents and parents love to get at least one new game every year around the holidays for us to play together. There are so many games now that are truly enjoyable for every age. One of my favorites is What Do You Meme? I recommend checking out the ratings if you’re going to play with children. This particular game is $30. I also love Catch Phrase which is a game for absolutely any age and is only $10.
Books aren’t for everyone – but sometimes, it’s just because it is hard to find a good one and people don’t take the time. I am someone who would never go looking for one but when my mom gives me hers and tells me a little bit about them, I LOVE them. So, if you know of a good book or can get a good recommendation, I think it is an amazing gift. It also doesn’t have to be a huge book; it could be a cookbook or magazine as well. Make it personal to whomever you’re giving it to, and they will love it. Most books are easily under $40.
Gift cards can be boring and impersonal but there are ways to make them better if this is your only option. For example, put time into wrapping it. Maybe do 5 boxes in 1 to make it exciting and harder to get to. If you’re giving a gift card for food – say you’re going to have a movie night together and use it. This way they know you care to put time into their gift and that you want to spend time with them. Make the gift card personal to what they like and you can’t go wrong. The best part – you choose the amount you spend!
Everyone wants to reduce the amount of plastic being put out into the world right now – and if they don’t, they should. There are so many great reusable water bottles being made right now! So, save the planet and get your family member or friend a great gift. With brands like Hydro Flask, Swell and Yeti, it’s so easy to find something special, functional and personal for anyone in your life. Depending on the size and brand this will range from $30 - $50.
Almost every person I know uses some sort of toiletry bag. It doesn’t matter the age; everyone needs something to put their products in. There are so many unique and customizable bags to make your gift personal for whomever it’s going to. Leather toiletry bags are great for your grandpa, dad, brother or boyfriend. There is also an endless amount of options perfect for your grandma, mom, sister or girlfriend. Just simply google leather toiletry bag or personalized toiletry bag and so many options appear. All ranging from $20 - $50.
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