5 Of Our Favorite Metro-Detroit

Small Businesses We're Supporting 
(From a Distance)

During this wild time,
there is great uncertainty.

However, there is confidence in the fact that by adhering to regulations through self quarantining, or practicing social distancing, that each one of us can have a significant impact on not just our local communities, but the global population. We have seen what an impact just one person can have throughout this pandemic so we encourage you to continue being a hero. As local businesses have closed their doors to fight the spread of COVID-19, they, too, need support. Below is a list of some of my favorite small business in metro-Detroit curated for you to shop, promote, and support (from 6 feet away!)

Literati Bookstore

Now is the perfect time to pick up a good book and ACTUALLY read it from beginning to end. Escape cabin fever by diving into a novel you have had posted on your seemingly endless checklist of “to read” book recommendations or snag a new non-fiction and learn something new! Ann Arbor-based Literati is closed to the public for the interest of public safety, but open 24/7 online with only $1 shipping.

Kiwa Detroit

While selfcare is not just face masks and bubble baths, or simply treating yourself, they sure do help. Feed your skin some freshness by ordering from KIWA Detroit. Everyone could use a little glow during this gloomy season! Grab your quarantine buddy and exercise some selfcare.

Detroit City Distillery

For those 21+, as nights out are officially off the table, Detroit City Distillery can help you host your night out in. DCD is offering curbside pick up and 100% of proceeds from gift card sales will go to their employees to offset lost wages and tips! Check out their website and start planning how you want to employ their spirits..

Some Ideas: Game night or dance party over Google Hangouts, screenshare a movie night, a “My Drunk Kitchen” livestream. (You get the idea.) 


Dining in at restaurants may not be an option at the moment, but there are still food options to satisfy your cravings while nourishing your body when you don’t quite feel up for cooking. We're loving Folk in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood which is offering curbside pick-up and delivery, Thursday through Sunday, from from 10am-2pm. They also have some of our favorite coffee in town!


Of course, saving our slightly biased favorite for last, GETTEES. If being in quarantine teaches us anything, it is that we can never have too much of quality, comfortable clothes that we live in day-in and day-out. However, as sanitation is vital, now more than ever, we recommend rotating that District Crew you’ve been living in... Check out our website and use the code “WOLVERINES-EJ” for 15% of your order! 

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Supima Cotton Harvest Celebration

Supima Cotton Harvest Celebration

The Supima team invited several brands that use Supima cotton in their products to visit the production and see the picking, ginning and classing processes firsthand.

Jackie George

Jackie George

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Jackie is our lead sewer and was the first sewer to join the GETTEES team after our founding in 2014!

BY Edna Jordan
Diana Collins

Diana Collins

Diana has been with us for 5 years and loves everything about sewing. She's originally from Armada, MI and dabbles in ceramics when she's not with us.

BY Edna Jordan