5 Ways to Wear GETTEES Around Campus

Our goal has been and remains to design and produce the highest quality American essentials that will last year after year. For this reason, we keep our product line minimal and focus on constantly improving our products. We always say, “greatness is in the details” and every decision we make, from cut to seam, is made with intention.  Check out how Mina, one of our Michigan State University ambassadors, likes to wear her GETTEES around campus.

WHERE: Class and Study Sessions
WHY: Let’s be honest, no one likes going to class and especially not during the cold winter months. Layering my crew is key to staying warm and comfortable for those two-hour lectures or countless hours studying. When you’re feeling extra tired and dread going to class, the Campus Crew will give you that cool kid, effortless look everyone tries to achieve when going to class.

Red Detroit Heritage
WHY: Super soft cotton typically feels the best on your body for a yoga class or a hard workout at the gym. I wear the Detroit Heritage tee to gain some motivation from the city’s growth and history and of course for my favorite players on all the Detroit teams. It takes a lot of motivation to get to the gym, but with your favorite heritage tee you’ll be wanting to show off your improvement and strength.

Pennwood Heavyweight Crop
WHERE: Tailgates and Games
WHY: I always try to have a cool and easy-going tailgate outfit for any Michigan State University football, basketball, or hockey game with a simple tee and jeans accessorized with various Sparty pieces. The Crop in Pennwood is my first choice when I go to a frat’s darty with friends or a BBQ tailgate with family. Oh, by the way, it’s the exact Michigan State green, perfect for showing off your school spirit.

Lincoln Heavyweight Box
WHERE: Favorite Weekend Bar
WHY: It’s universally known that black is a classic color for a night on the town with your besties. You can’t possibly go wrong with a simple, black, cotton t-shirt that can be dressed up or down. For me, I sometimes take the color a bit overboard when I throw on my Box tee with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket I stole from my mom. When comfort aligns with my killer look, I’m ready to take on whatever the night throws at me.

Cherry District Crew
WHERE: Cozy bed or couch
WHY: Most of us feel the lack of motivation on Sundays, where we just want to curl up in our comfiest clothes and watch movies all day. When I get the chance to have a (somewhat) lazy Sunday slowly working on the homework that’s due Monday morning, I wear my District Crew with a pair of my favorite sweats and fuzzy socks. My key to getting things done? Be in your most comfortable clothes for that relaxed “get it done” state of mind.

Mina Plachta
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