If you’re taking a cue from Queen B and celebrating with all the single ladies, hit up Corktown’s trendy, Thai-inspired restaurant, Takoi. With shareable plates, delicious drinks and a totally #instagramable interior (think dark & moody, modern, neon lights), Takoi is the perfect spot to celebrate Galentine’s Day. Looking to keep the night going? Head over to Candy Bar in the Siren Hotel for drinks. Not only are the drinks great (and not totally ridiculously overpriced), but the cozy, intimate bar is also totally #instagramable (can we say, disco ball?) and appropriately decorated almost entirely and quite ridiculously (in the best way possible) - in pink.
Once mastered, the granny shot can ultimately help you become a multitasking superstar and save you precious time. To execute, face away from the washing machine (watch some TV or just stare at the wall, etc.) and once the article of clothing has been tightly wadded up, aim straight back over your head and fire away. (Note: the granny shot is not limited to only grannies).
Warning: this technique may make your laundry too fresh. Moves like this are rare in the world of laundry-doing. Why? Because it takes incredible skill, obviously. Back injuries are likely with this one. Please consult with a doctor before trying this technique at home to see if it’s the right one for you.
For the classy launderers who aren’t about all the flair, but still want some pizzazz in their laundry loading. This technique involves a firm wrist-flick that may take some time to master. We recommend practicing in front of a mirror a few times before taking it to the laundry room.
Have some obstacles keeping you at a distance from the washing machine? This technique can be used when you need to deliver your clothing items to the washer with force from a distance. However, don’t be fooled, this technique is harder than it appears. We can’t confirm, but Matt Stafford probably does his laundry like this.
For those of you blessed with foot-eye and hand-eye coordination, I suggest option number six. The dropkick is executed with arms held out straight in front of the chest, moving into a very shallow squat, a vertical drop of the balled up item met by firm but gentle contact with the foot, ending with a graceful landing in the washing machine.
Time is of the essence people. Number seven is a personal favorite for when there's no time for both laundry and the gym. Why spend more time doing two separate debatably un-enjoyable activities, when you can knock them out at once? Think of all the extra time you’ll have to do literally anything besides laundry and working out. To get that sweat sesh in, just hike up your feet to the top of the washer and load away. You can even throw in some push ups if you really want to show off.
If you just love making life difficult for yourself, this is the technique for you. And if you don’t have any neck problems, you will after you try this. The key is to get a good sideways swinging motion. The release of the shirt into the washing machine can be tricky to time accurately, but you have to get that GETTEES shirt clean somehow. (We all know you’ll be re-wearing it over and over again).
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