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Isabel's Must-Haves
for Spring

Spring is here. Time for a closet refresh. 

If anyone else feels like me, you might be having the winter blues. It’s that time of year where we’re all getting sick of the snow and the cold (and literally getting sick). We’re looking for anything to give us that little glimpse of happiness and sunshine that is coming soon but seems so far away. So, here’s your weekly pick me up! Get excited for Spring and sunshine with some brightly colored GETTEES.

Heavyweight Crew in Blonde

If you’re looking for some sunshine, here it is. This color is amazing!! *praise emoji* I honestly wish GETTEES made every shirt in this color. It is certain to cheer anyone up. I feel happy just looking at it – so imagine wearing it! If your favorite shirt is the Heavyweight Crew, or you just love this color – give blonde a try and see what your mood says! No happy light needed.

Heavyweight Crop in Lilac

If you love purple (or if you don’t, like me) – you are destined to love this color! I am not someone who would normally wear lilac (or really any purple), but I absolutely love this color. I received it in my welcome box when I became an ambassador for GETTEES and every time I wear it, I get SO MANY compliments. If you’re looking for something a little different or you just love purple – this is for you. You can thank me later for the compliments you’ll get!

Heavyweight Box in Rose

Who doesn’t love pink?! The Heavyweight Box is my favorite style and I would love to own every single color but especially this ‘rose’ color. If you’re looking for a new color to get ready for spring, this one is FABULOUS! It truly looks amazing on any skin tone. You can throw it on with jeans and a light jacket and get ready for Spring. And when summer rolls around (eventually) just throw it on with some shorts.

Isabel Stimach
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