Our Top 5 Coffee Shops In Downtown Detroit
In an attempt to branch out from the ubiquitous hot arabica water (coffee) we drink daily, the GETTEES team set out to give local coffee shops within walking distance of our downtown Detroit office in Campus Martius a chance to prove itself and compete for our first place spot (what an honor). First, I should disclaim: none of us here except one can call themselves a coffee connoisseur. Therefore these are the opinions of a coffee critic, a strict espresso addict, a moderate coffee drinker, and a coffee virgin. Eclectic and niche coffee shops seem to be everywhere these days, so hopefully, we can help you find which Campus Martius espresso escape is most suited to your personal style and taste buds.
We rated each shop on a scale of 1 to 10 (1=bad, 10=great) on 5 different, incredibly important, aspects: proximity to our office, stickiness of tables, the coffee (only somewhat important), Instagram worthiness, chair comfort (because we actually do work at these places).
We don’t go here…
Proximity to our office - 10
Stickiness of tables - ...
Coffee overall - .01 (10 if you like it burnt)
Instagram worthy - Please don't (unless you made in an incredible drawing on the cup, then maybe)
Chair comfort - ...
SCORE: Just Don't
Urban Bean Co.
Coffee shop number one is a popularly recognized coffee shop downtown due to its unique ability to throw you back into the 70’s (musty smell and all). The architecture of the building alone is enough to draw in all types of coffee connoisseurs and if your favorite color is orange, well then we may have just found your heaven. The 2-level shop is small, yet their coffee and atmosphere pack a punch. The team ordered an espresso, a cappuccino, and a latte, playing it safe (or so we thought). Don’t take me wrong when I say a cup of coffee from Urban Bean is not for the weak, it’s just for those of us with more advanced flavor palettes. If you’re not big into the taste of coffee to begin with, I would steer you towards one of their specialty drinks, like the Mexican Hot Chocolate, or a Green Fairie Mocha (their spelling of Fairy, not ours). Not only do they accept Bitcoin, but Urban Bean is a proud supporter of electronic music and someone squeezes in a DJ booth upstairs. Pretty cool huh? Who doesn’t like some tunes with their coffee while enveloped in an energizing orange atmosphere?
Proximity to our office - 4
Stickiness of tables - 5
Coffee overall - 2
Instagram worthy - 4
Chair comfort - 2
SCORE: 3.4
Roasting Plant
The roasting plant, with the full GETTEES team in agreement, is a top contender on the list. You’re greeted with the aroma of espresso as you come into the busy space. This coffee shop, in particular, offers a very wide and unique array of options when it comes to the bean they brew for you. Coffee beans are the centerpiece of this place, literally. In the middle of the coffee shop is a section of tubes containing all the beans (so, so many types of beans) when you choose the roast you want, the beans shoot through the tubes to the baristas. It’s pretty much Willy Wonka’s coffee factory in there. The modern industrial feel makes it a great atmosphere, but we wouldn't recommend this as a place to set up for the work day because of how busy it can get. After I walked in the baristas were more than willing to guide me through the menu amidst the confusion on my face. In my opinion, it’s a great place for people who want to explore their palette in the coffee world. Not to mention the Roasting Plant has pulled through with one of the smoothest cups yet, a confident beginning to our search.
Proximity to our office - 7
Stickiness of tables - 9
Coffee overall - 4 (depending)
Instagram worthy - 6
Chair comfort - 2
SCORE: 5.6
Dessert Oasis
If ever there was a perfectly named coffee shop, it would be this one. Here, coffee isn’t just coffee. This is the place you step into and you know it’s about to be the type of coffee that picks up the tempo of your day. The dessert difference comes in the preparation stage, so you taste quality through the whole cup. Oh, and because they serve totally instagrammable and tasty cakes and other desserts too (vegan options included). Not to mention for the non-coffee drinkers out there, they don’t slack on the tea selection. This coffee shop in our opinion caters more towards the idea of the occasional “treat” cup of coffee with their detailed flavors like the honey cinnamon latte and lavender latte. If you’re the kind that craves a cup of coffee late at night, Dessert Oasis will give you just that and maybe even a show. Dessert Oasis is another shop that takes pride in supporting local artist making it a good social scene for coffee and music lovers. Overall this shop appeals to the more minimalist hipster, the spacious shop creates a very peaceful atmosphere that makes it easy to spend the long stretches of work here - and actually get stuff done. We think it’s also worth noting the baristas are probably trained in latte art.
Proximity to our office - 6
Stickiness of tables - 9
Coffee overall - 6.5
Instagram worthy - 8
Chair comfort - 3
SCORE: 6.5
Ashe Supply Co.
For everyone in search of a good cup of coffee and a good Instagram picture, make this your destination. We were a little thrown off by the guard dog at below the counter but If you’re looking for a place to work with a little more of an upbeat vibe, this is a good place to settle in. The atmosphere looks like a hipster walked in and exploded all over the walls (in a good way). They’re also the only shop on this list to offer outdoor seating (surrounded by lots of plants, naturally) so we’re pretty into that. As for the coffee, we are hesitant to say it but so far, it takes the cake. From the coffee critic all the way down to the coffee virgin, the whole team enjoyed their cups. This coffee had a unique taste unlike the coffee shops in competition, but not so much so that it was too much (words of a highly trained coffee connoisseur). It was just right. People can make fun of hipsters all they want but they know how to make a serious cup of coffee (and yes, your oat milk latte will be served by a barista with a man bun).
Proximity to our office - 1
Stickiness of tables - 9
Coffee overall - 8
Instagram worthy - 10
Chair comfort - 5
SCORE: 6.6
By no means is this an exhaustive list of coffee shops in Detroit (don’t worry, that’s coming down the road!). This list highlights our 4 personal favorites based on our adventures to the coffee shops closest to our office in downtown Detroit’s Campus Martius area. So now, if you ever catch yourself downtown and in desperate need of caffeine or a place to get some work done, you can head to one of our top boutique coffee shops instead of wandering aimlessly through the streets only to settle on the convenience of Starbucks.
What are you favorite coffee spots? We’d love to hear about them.
* We’re always looking to partner with local detroit brands. If you own a small business and want to collaborate with us, email us at thepeople@gettees.us or follow us and DM us on Instagram @gettees_us. We’d love to chat!

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