We set out to make the perfect plain white tee. Then we added more colors.
The women's Heavyweight Crew was designed to be the perfect white tee in your closet - that do anything, go anywhere, goes with everything t-shirt. When we started designing our first women’s tee, we looked through our own closets to try and understand what we liked about the tees we bought in the past, and what we felt was lacking. Then we asked the women around us and funny enough, we all had the same struggles:
The fabric is too thin and see-through, I can only wear a nude bra with it...
The cut is interesting but difficult to wear, I need a more versatile shirt to go from the office to running errands...
The cut is too short or too long, I want to be able to tuck it in casually or leave it out without looking sloppy...
And so on. After some trial and error (or lots of trial and error) we designed the women’s Heavyweight Crew. It's the perfect balance between throwing on an old vintage tee and the sophistication of a slightly tailored silhouette with a curved bottom. It’s not too tight, not too loose, as soft as can be without being see-through and extremely versatile. And as always, it’s crafted for quality. Keep reading to learn about the features that set a GETTEES tee apart.
Our supima cotton is superior cotton. The specialized fibers of supima cotton balance strength and softness, ensuring quality all the way through. It’s sure to be the softest tee in your closet - and will stay that way even after the 100th wash.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
Why use two types of seams? Because we care about quality and each type of seam serves a purpose. The active seams featured down the sides of the tee are 30% stronger than more commonly used seams, with double the stretch. They’re practically undetectable next to your skin and allow you to move as you please.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
Supima interlock technology means tighter, more compact weaving, leaving no space for anything to peak through and promises greater color retention, so your tees stay bold. If you want, wear a black bra underneath your white tee (no one will know).
Using a dual layered seam for the arm and neck of the tee is an extra step we pride ourselves in taking. Reinforcing these sections means an indestructible barrier against holes on the parts of your shirt that see the most tugging and pulling.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
The tagless label is a feature you didn’t know you needed. We mean it when we say these tees are engineered for comfort. We stamp it, we don’t sew it, and we know you’ll like it that way.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
Our featured tailored cut gently hug your sides, highlighting the narrowest part of the waist, and compliment the hemmed bottom for a sophisticated yet casual fit. This perfect balance between fitted and relaxed means versatility so you can go from sweats and boyfriend jeans to skirts and trousers.
The GETTEES team spent months developing the perfect curve for the bottom of this tee. The hemmed bottom gently curves to accentuate the length of the torso and elongate the leg line. This curve is universally flattering while ensuring that your lower back stays covered when you bend or sit.
Jackie Attaching Women's Crew Neck Collar +
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